PCR test Ibiza

Do you want a hassle-free, reliable COVID-19 test? Salutlabs brings convenient corona delivery services on premises. There’s no need to come to us, we will visit you at your villa, yacht or hotel. Our driver will deliver a package where you conduct your non-invasive PCR saliva test.  Forget about queuing in line for several hours,  we will bring your test to the lab. No waiting. 


Test results available within 24 hours

After providing your saliva sample, you will receive your test results within 24 hours. If your test is negative, you will also be provided with an official travel certificate, signed by a authorized doctor.

Saliva PCR Test

At Salutlabs, we aim to make the COVID-19 testing as convenient as possible, which is why we deliver PCR Saliva Test(s), which are conducted by yourself within the comfort and privacy of your home, yacht or hotel. You only have to spit in test-tube and give the package back to our shipping agent. The PCR saliva test won’t take more than 15 minutes.

Travel Certificate

If you want to travel abroad, for example, to go back home after your holiday, visit family or friends, or for work-related reasons, you need valid proof of a negative COVID-19 test. When your test results come back negative, a doctor will provide you an official travel certificate.

Maximum holiday!

Granted, having to take a mandatory COVID-19 test doesn’t exactly do wonders for your vacation mood. Which is why Salutlabs delivers the  unintrusive, quick and reliable test to your premise. No matter where you are on Ibiza or Formentera, we will come to your villa, yacht or hotel suite and deliver the test to you! 

About Us

Salutlabs SL

We are an online messaging platform dedicated to the organisation and distribution of PCR and Antigen tests for an authorised clinical analysis laboratory in Ibiza.

Our day to day is summarised in the following steps:

  • Clients make their reservation indicating the desired day and time zone for their test.

  • On the day of the test, one of our drivers goes to the address indicated by you.

  • Once there, without entering the home, and gives him the test (self-test) package

  • The customer performs the test himself, spitting on the delivered test, closes the tube, wipes it on the outside with an antiseptic wipe that the delivery person provides, and the delivery person places it (with gloves) in the bag / suitcase authorised for its displacement.

  • The client signs the petition

  • The delivery person takes and delivers the sample to the laboratory for its analysis.

  • Once the laboratory performs the analysis, it sends the result to a doctor, who checks and issues the diagnosis to the end customer.

  • Once the test result is positive or negative, a doctor company will sign your travel certificate and send this per email.


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Our Laboratory Facilities

Given the limited validity of a COVID-19 test, a speedy and accurate testing procedure is essential at all times, even when demand is high. Which is why Salutlabs has partnered up with several laboratories, to guarantee 24/7 maximum testing capacity. Once you have taken our test, you can rest assured, knowing you will get your test results back within 24 hours.



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